Buccleuch Pepper “Jet”

David Lisett quotes:

“Jet was one of the easiest dogs I have had to train, always wanting to please and always willing to learn. Jet was a very nice pup from the start and I always looked forward to taking him out. He was bold and energetic all the way through his training. Jet won his first trial at Hensol Estate on the 2nd of Oct 2010 at the English Springer Spaniel Club of Scotland which was an open stake. Jet was lucky enough to win another open stake the same year at The Hopes Estate on the 18th of November 2010 The Gamekeepers National Association held the trial. This made jet into a FTCH just over the age of two.”

Jet is proving to be an exceptional stud dog and has been very lucky with the quality of females he has mated. So much so that he had four of his pups running in the 2013 ESS Championships held at Queensberry Estate from his first year standing at stud. They were handled by Mr Eddie Scott, Mr Simon Dixon and Mr R Wells.

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