Magnificent Result at the IGL Retriever Championship

The IGL Retriever Championship was held here on Queensberry Estate on the 27th, 28th and 29th of November where 68 dogs had qualified to compete. At the close of the competition Buccleuch Gundog Manager David Lisett and Buccleuch Bowhill of Sandringham were announced as winners.

In David’s own words

“It’s been such an honour and privilege to run FTCh Buccleuch Bowhill of Sandringham. A huge thanks needs to go to His Grace The Duke of Buccleuch and the Buccleuch Family for hosting such a tremendous championships here at Queensberry Estate and for the support my family have had over the years.

Many thanks to the committee of the IGL who work so hard to put the Championships on every year. I would also like to thank Robert & Sharon Marshall of Trans-K9 Dog Transit Boxes  for their continued support over the years and for keeping our dogs safe and secure while trialling.

Each day was challenging and on completely different ground and it was a real test for the best dogs and handlers in Great Britain and Ireland, it must have pushed the judges to the limit both physically and mentally. They gave every dog the best chance of success, this could only happen with the skill, hard work and professionalism of Head Keeper Rab Clark and his keepering team, Alastair Clark, Fraser Clark , Keith Cottle & Mike Jones, who are only a small number of Rabs keepers who make the Estate work and play a big part at the kennels. The stops, bag carriers, numbers board carriers and picker up all played a big part in the freezing conditions.

There have been so many people who have been there for myself and Liz from the very start, close friends Rab & Marian Clark & Keith & Aileen Cottle, and all my friends I go training with, especially John Halsted Jnr, Lee Hartis & Martin Smee who have been through the good & bad days, always offering support and advice. Keepers from other estates and all the team here at Queensberry headed by Anna Fergusson, including Farming & Forestry who allow me access to train the dogs. Iain Milligan who flies the flag of Chapel Farm Premium Dog Food and a huge recognition must go to Ashlyn Waddell who plays such a big part in the success of the kennels and is a big help to myself & Liz and we couldn’t possibly leave out Jayden & Chloe who are part of the team at the kennels. Without all of these people this dream would never have come true.

Well done to everyone who qualified for this year’s Championships and to all the award winners”.

Image shows, Headkeeper Rab Clark, Estate Manager Anna Fergusson, Gundog Manager David Lisett and Harris.

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