Dahlia's for Days

There is always something special to find in the Gardens whatever time of the year you visit. But by the time August comes around they are looking spectacular and are definitely worth visiting, even if you have visited in previous months.


The Formal Garden

The shawl, the show piece of the formal gardens, is full of colour in August, accentuating the ‘Douglas’ family heart design.  An interesting fact – the shawl gets its name because in the 19th century the heather was so intricately planted and finely trimmed it took a team of 30 gardeners to look after it! In comparison, today there are 4 gardeners!

Plant Highlights

There are so many highlights in the garden at this time of year that it is hard to pick just one or two. From the easily identifiable Ladybird Poppy to the Hemerocallis ‘day lily’, there are some beautiful plants to discover.


However, one of the flowers we look forward to most in the Gardens in August are the Dahlia’s! And one of the best spots to see them is in the Flower Garden, right next to the plant centre and Larchwood Cabin, handy if you also fancy a cuppa and some home baking!

Look out for several different varieties within the gardens including:

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