Buccleuch Gundogs

Today, the Buccleuch Kennel based at Chapel Farm is home to many champion gundogs.  This includes Buccleuch Labradors, English Springer Spaniels and Cocker Spaniels who have won many prestigious accolades including multiple British and Irish Springer Spaniel Championship wins, twice placed at the Cocker Spaniel Championships, and most recently winning the 2017 IGL Retriever Championship, all achieved under the expert handling of David Lisett.

David joined as Gundog Manager in January 2004 and entered his first field trial in 1998. He has gone from strength to strength having a combination of successes throughout his career, including multiple wins in both the Irish and British Spaniel Championships, as well as making up Field Trial Champions in Buccleuch Labradors and Cocker Spaniels.

David Lisett has not restricted himself to breeding and training champion gundogs. He also found time, in conjunction with a top nutritionist, to develop a quality dog food with exceptional qualities. Named Chapel Farm in honour of the home of Buccleuch Gundogs the 4 recipes are formulated from wholesome high quality ingredients that are 100% complete and totally balanced for maximum nutrition to meet David’s exacting requirements. Many handlers have come to appreciate the quality of Chapel Farm dog food to the extent that 3 of the 5 prize-winning dogs at the 2017 IGL Championship are fed on Chapel Farm.
To find out more, visit our dedicated website: www.chapelfarmdogfood.co.uk

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