Archive: Famous Buccleuch Dogs

FTCh Buccleuch Jazz (Kim)Buccleuch Gundog Jazz

Buccleuch Jazz is one of the hardest hunting females in the Buccleuch Kennel.  She is fast, stylish and a really good game finder.  She likes to hunt all cover from white grass upwards and does so with pace, but where she excels is when asked to hunt through the heaviest cover.  This is where she shows her courage, drive, control and great stamina.  She is a joy to train, giving her all whether on canvas dummies or live game and she is always exciting to run at trials.

Buccleuch Jazz started her trialling in the 2008 season as a Novice and won her first trial out so qualifying to Open standard.  She again won her next two trials giving her Champion status and securing a place at the 2009 Championships where she received a DOM plus the Trophy for Guns Choice. She has competed in six Championships and was the deserved winner in 2010 bringing home 5 Trophies on the day and was placed in 3 of the championships since.

FTCh Edwardiana Tweed (Tigger)

Buccleuch GundogFTCh Edwardiana Tweed (Tigger) born October 1998, is where the Buccleuch Springer Spaniel line started. Tigger came from John Edwards’ Edwardiana kennels in Wales; she was kindly handpicked for David from a litter of 9 by John Edwards’ wife Pat.

When David first met Tigger she was the smallest in the litter and she was terrorising a floor brush. After the five hour drive home to Scotland, David decided to introduce Tigger to her kennel mates, where she chased all three around the garden several times, showing them she was boss. Tigger was one of the most loyal, natural and intelligent dogs that we have had in the kennels. She kept those traits throughout her field trialling career and even into her retirement where she spent her days as a much loved member of the Lisett family.

Tigger ran her first trial at 14 months of age at Grantown on Spey Estate; she did very well until she decided to take the last retrieve of the day up to one of the guns; who was almost a mirror image of David Lisett. Tigger received a certificate of merit for her efforts that day. On the drive home David was very proud as he realised what a true gem he had on his hands. David and Tigger’s first experience of the championships was at Conholt Estate in 2001 where they came 2nd. She then went on to win the Irish championships and was chosen as top spaniel at the international CLA while competing with the Scottish gundog team.

Sadly, Tigger passed away in February 2012, but she was the forerunner of many high quality dogs include her daughter, Int FTCh Annickview Breeze (Bett) who was twice British E.S.S Championship winner and her Granddaughter FTCh Buccleuch Jazz who has also won the British Championships. We would like to say thank you to Pat Edwards who chose Tigger’s destiny and laid the foundations to some of the Buccleuch ESS in our kennels today. (Photo – Nick Ridley)