Buccleuch Breeding Females

We are pleased to report that English Springer Spaniel Buccleuch Lucy, “Nora” has produced an excellent litter of six pups, four dogs and two bitches, sired by Buccleuch Pepper, “jet”. At the time of writing, we have two dog pups and one bitch pup available.

If you would be interested in becoming the new owner of one of these pups, please e-mail [email protected] and provide a weekday daytime contact number and we will thereafter call you to discuss.
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See below, the profiles of some of our breeding females, with pedigree certificates.

Buccleuch Honey “Tina”
Field Trial Champion Buccleuch Honey “Tina” was born in April 2012 out of FTCh Buccleuch Lexie and sired by Edwardiana Blackmagic she soon showed she had natural flair. She won her Novice Trial at a young age and followed this quickly with an Open Win on the 4th of November 2013, thus qualifying for the Championships to be held at Dunira Estate, Perth in January 2014. On the 9th of November 2013 she won her second Open and was thus promoted to Field Trial Champion. She is a real go-er.
See Tina’s pedigree certificate here: Buccleuch Honey_Tina_Pedigree


Buccleuch Unity “Bella”bella buccleuch gundog
Bella has a user friendly temperament and  she is always willing to please.  Bella does a lot of picking up where she demonstrates a great deal of natural ability  working the steep hillsides on the estate. She loves any kind of retrieves from tennis balls to rubber ducks and this attitude to retrieving has made her really easy to train. Bella is a joy to take out training.
See Bella’s pedigree certificate here: Pedigree Buccleuch Unity



Chinachgook Grundy of Buccleuch “Roxy”roxy
Sired by Buccleuch Drummer out of Mr Ian Clarke’s Field Trial Champion Kidnais Successor, FTCh Chinachgook Grundy of Buccleuch “Roxy” has a great game finding ability and has a natural gift for picking runners.
When Roxy is hunting cover, she is a joy to watch all hips and wiggle and if she keeps this up may well be asked to compete in the next “Strictly”.
Please click the link to view a copy of her pedigree: Pedigree Certificate – Roxy-Master.




Buccleuch Lucy, “Nora”

Field Trial Winner Buccleuch Lucy, “Nora” sired by FTCh Hollydrive Theo out of FTCh Buccleuch Lexie is a very high energy dog.

She is athletic and full of passion and drive. During her training she took all the obstacles in her stride and she always came out of the car bursting with enthusiasm.





Buccleuch ILana, “Cracker”

Sired by FTCh Rowston Spikey Aderyngi out of Buccleuch Brunello, Field Trial Winner Buccleuch ILana, “Cracker” has a lovely temperament and personality and is a joy to take into the shooting field and to compete with.

You always get 100% from Cracker whether training or competing and she always puts a smile on your face with her “Cocker” antics.




Cowarnecourt Jonquil of Buccleuch, “Wiggle”

Sired by FTCh Buccleuch Pepper out of Beggarbush Rose of Cowarnecourt owned by Mr. K.A. Powell, Field Trial Champion Cowarnecourt Jonquil of Buccleuch, “Wiggle” has shown great style and drive from a very young age and is always wanting to please. She is a very honest dog and is always willing to give anything a go and was fairly easy to train. Always a pleasure to take out training and shooting and what you see is what you get.