Buccleuch English Springer Spaniels

The Buccleuch Spaniels started with David Lisett when he joined the Buccleuch Group in January 2004 and brought his Spaniels with him.  David had researched many different bloodlines before he purchased three female English Springer Spaniels from three different sources.  There were two reasons for this, the first was to find out which suited David’s training methods and the second was to facilitate use of a variety of stud dogs as the bloodlines were all different.  This was back in 1996 and the Spaniels were Rytex Ricicles from Mr Ian Openshaw, Toonarmy Top-Tip from Mr Peter Richardson, and Edwardiana Tweed from Mr John Edwards with whom David won the Irish Championships in 2003.
These three foundation bitches have led to many notable achievements for the kennels, including:

  • January 2004—British Championship Winner—Annickview Anna
  • January 2005—British Championship Winner—Annickview Breeze
  • December 2005—Irish Championship Winner—Annickview Anna
  • January 2007—British Championship Winner—Annickview Breeze
  • December 2007—Irish Championship Winner—Annickview Breeze
  • January 2010—British Championship Winner—Buccleuch Jazz

Most notably, sporting history was made at the Irish Championships in 2007 when first, second and third places respectively were awarded to: Annickview Breeze, Annickview Anna and Buccleuch Charm all trained and handled by David Lisett.