Buccleuch Stud Dogs

Chapel Farm Kennels, home of Buccleuch Gundogs, is fortunate to have some very high quality dogs standing at stud including a Field Trial Champion in ESS FTCh Buccleuch Pepper.  All stud dogs, whether Cocker Spaniel, English Springer Spaniel or Labrador feature many Champions in their pedigrees.

Stud Fee for all dogs is £450.

To use our stud service we would ask, as soon as your bitch comes into season, you let us know to allow the kennels to be advised that a stud service will soon be required. To make a reservation or for any enquiries on our stud service, please do not use the “contact us” tab above (this goes to Drumlanrig Castle) instead, e-mail direct to: [email protected] or telephone 01848 600402

BUCCLEUCH ULTIMATE “CHAD”Chad is a very strong, well made, honest type of a dog. He is always oozing happiness and never stops wagging his tail even after a hard day in the field. Chad is very energetic and is a joy to take out and work. He has a very relaxed temperament for the peg and has excelled in very busy partridge drives. He mixes well with other dogs and likes to hunt all types of cover. Chad’s temperament allows him to work and be handled by anyone from children through to experienced handlers – he just loves to work. A proper gent. Chad has tested clear for CNM and PRA and has: Elbows 0, Hips 4:0 and BVA/KC/ISDS Eye Scheme – unaffected.
See Chad’s pedigree certificate here: Buccleuch Ultimate_Chad_Pedigree



FTAW Harley is great fun to be around.  He is first out of the kennels and wants to be the last in at night. Nothing is too much trouble and he is never one to sulk. Harley has a great temperament and switches off during a drive but when it’s his turn to retrieve it is full steam ahead. Harley has thrown some really nice puppies which are a chip off the old block. Harley  has taken part in some very interesting stories that have lead to David getting slightly embarrassed. In short he is a real character and a joy to be out with.
See Harley’s pedigree certificate here: Buccleuch Ember_Harley_Pedigree



FTCh Jet was one of the easiest dogs I have had to train, always wanting to please and always willing to learn. Jet was a very nice pup from the start and I always looked forward to taking him out. He was bold and energetic all the way through his training. Jet won his first trial at Hensol Estate on the 2nd of Oct 2010 at the English Springer Spaniel Club of Scotland which was an open stake. Jet was lucky enough to win another open stake the same year at The Hopes Estate on the 18th of November 2010 The Gamekeepers National Association held the trial. This made Jet into a FTCH just over the age of two. Jet is proving to be an exceptional stud dog and has been very lucky with the quality of females he has mated. So much so that he had four of his pups running in the 2013 ESS Championships held at Queensberry Estate from his first year standing at stud. In the 2014 Championships held at Dunira Jet was “Top Sire”as 6 of his offspring qualified to compete, including the dogs that finished in second and third places. Jet has been Top Sire at three ESS Championships since, most recently in 2017 where once again 6 of his progeny qualified.  Jet has been tested clear for cord1-PRA.
See Jet’s pedigree certificate here: Buccleuch Pepper _Jet_ Pedigree
To view a short video of Jet, click  here 


Ozzie, sired by FTCh Cheweky Bovril x Heolybwlch Best Mate is a pleasure to train. He shows pace in all types of cover and is a real team player. He is willing to give everything a go and exhibits the same traits that are found in his parents. Ozzie has tested clear for: AMS, FN and prcd-PRA






FTW Laddie has been a great retriever from a puppy and has always shown great passion and ground treatment when hunting for a ball. This has continued in his training now we are shooting over him. One of his best points is that when he gets it wrong he never sulks and he is always up for another go. He always wants to please and you can see this when he locks onto you looking you straight in the eye waiting patiently for his next command. Laddie is a nice shape and size and knows how to swing his back end when he is on scent. In short a lovely animal to work with.    We are pleased to report that Laddie is now qualified to compete in Open Stakes having won the Yorkshire Sporting Spaniel Club, Novice Stake for ESS on the 9th December.
Laddie has tested clear for cord1-PRA.
See Laddie’s pedigree certificate here



Leo, sired by FTCh Buccleuch Pepper out of FTCh Buccleuch Honey is a very stylish English springer spaniel. He shows this through his body language where you can see just how much he enjoys working. He is a good game finder and shows the same good temperament and traits as his sire. This makes working with him very easy as he has shown a great deal of natural ability during his training. Leo has tested clear for: cord1-PRA, AMS, FUCO, FN, SPS and PFKD.




OFTW Ash is our golden cocker spaniel. He has big boots to fill as his mother FTCh Mallowdale Midge was the winner of the 2014/15 Irish AV Spaniel Championships at Glenarm Estate where she was mostly competing against English Springer Spaniels. Ash is a real character; nothing seems to be a problem to him. He has been a real pleasure to train, very intelligent and all he wants to do is please. He has the right attitude for training in that when he gets things wrong he is desperate for another chance to get it right. He loves hunting all types of cover and is naturally athletic. Ash competed in his first ever trial on the 9th July 2016, a Novice Cocker Trial held by Tyne, Tees & Tweed FTA where he was awarded first place. We are delighted to say that he then followed this with a win on the 9th of August in the Open Cocker Stake held by Yorkshire Sporting Spaniel Club.Ash has been tested clear for: prcd-PRA and FN.
See Ash’s Pedigree Certificate here.



FTAW Finn carries the same genetics as his grandmother FTCh Buccleuch Athena “Bramble” (2nd and 4th in the Cocker Championships) and one can see the same characteristics in him. He has the type of temperament and personality I love to train and spend time with. Full of energy and always wanting to learn new things. He is a team player and never wants to be far away from you when he is out running with the rest of the dogs. The type of dog that when he is trained he stays trained.
See Finn’s pedigree certificate here.