Discover the Castle Gardens in May

In May, Drumlanrig Gardens come to life with colour, energy, and hopefully better weather. Enjoy them daily from 9.30am until 4.30pm.

bluebells, may in the gardens

A busy month for the Garden Team

The Gardens at Drumlanrig are approximately 40 acres – a massive area which was once looked after by a team of 30 gardeners. Today there are four gardeners headed up by Robbie Black who has been head gardener for 25 years this October:

“Its been a joy to work in the Gardens for so long whether it is maintaining the historical elements for the future or creating new areas for visitors to discover. Since I started, we have created and developed the bog garden, woodland garden and restored the rock garden. I also enjoy sourcing a wide variety of plants from all over the world to put into the gardens.”

may gardens to visit

May Highlights:

Meconopsis baileyi (Himalayan Blue Poppy)

One of our many favourite flowers at this time of year. Look out for the distinctive pops of blue as you explore the Gardens.

bluebells, woodland


There are visitors that return every year to enjoy the bluebells both in the Gardens and on the wider estate. The contrast of the blue against the fresh beech green canopy is stunning. One of the best areas to see the bluebells is the historic pet cemetery within the Gardens


Rhododendrons and Azaleas

The Gardens and woodlands are full of sweet-smelling azaleas and flowering rhododendron. There is a collection of over 500 varieties at Drumlanrig, including hybrids. Some of the seeds which make up the collection have been collected from all over the world, including the Himalayas, which were sourced over 20 years ago.

weeping beech


By May the rich green of the trees are a welcome sight. From the treelined avenue as you approach the Castle to the wide variety of trees around the Gardens and Estate. Don’t miss the largest weeping beech tree in Scotland coming into leaf in the area next to our pet cemetery.

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