Buccleuch Stud Dogs & Booking Procedure

3rd March, 2017

It is not often that the boys sit quietly together but recent good weather gave the opportunity to take a group photo of the Buccleuch Gundogs Stud Dogs. From left to right:

Buccleuch Ultimate “Chad”, Buccleuch Xander “Doyle”, Buccleuch Pepper “Jet”   Buccleuch Kelsey “Laddie”, Buccleuch Innes “Finn”, Endowood Cutthorpe of Buccleuch “Ash”

We receive many queries regarding the procedure for the use of our stud service. Outlined below is our general reply:

To use our stud service we would ask as soon as your bitch comes into season, you let us know (email and phone details below) to allow the kennels to be advised that a stud service will soon be required.

Whilst very often the best time for mating is on the 11th day of season, experience has shown this is not always the case and to ensure that your bitch is ready for mating we would always ask that she undergoes an ovulation test by your vet to maximise the potential for a successful outcome. This also removes the need for a double or repeat mating freeing up valuable time for all and also alleviating stress for both dogs and owners. We suggest that you discuss with your vet the best day to have the test done. Once your vet receives the test results and has advised the best days for mating, phone the number below  and arrangements can be confirmed.

Included with the reply we will also forward a copy of our Stud Service Agreement for you to review which may also answer some questions that you may have.

I hope this helps clarify the situation, for any queries or to make a booking please e-mail: [email protected] or phone 01848 600402