Fantastic Result for David and Buccleuch Xena

14th August, 2017

News stories posted on the 3rd and 18th of July spoke about results enjoyed by David and Buccleuch Xena “Daisy” in Working Tests earlier this year.

On Saturday they competed in Daisy’s first ever Gundog Trial. This was the North of Scotland Gundog Association Novice Retriever Stake held at Edinglassie by kind permission of The Hon. Charles Pearson with judges: Joe Maclure, Bill Liddell, Roddy MacBain and George Buchan and Head Keeper Alex Jenkins.

We are delighted to say that David and Daisy were awarded first place.

Second were Ian Hollern and Morayglen Chisum of Brackenbird and in third place, Ian White and Garnieland Indi.

With thanks to all involved in making this an excellent event.