Good Luck to All Competing in Trials

26th September, 2017

This year’s Trialling season got off to a great start for Buccleuch Gundogs when Gundog Trainer David Lisett and Labrador Daisy were awarded first place in her first ever Trial. The season is now really getting into full swing and many handlers will be gearing up for a busy time ahead.

Buccleuch Gundogs and Chapel Farm, (the dog food arm of Buccleuch Gundogs), would like to wish all competitors the very best of luck in their efforts to qualify for this year’s various championships including the Chapel Farm sponsored handlers shown in the image above:

From Left to Right.

Mr John Halsted – Winner of the 2015 IGL Retriever Championship

Mr Jon Bailey – Winner of the 2015 UK English Springer Spaniel Championship

Mr Simon Dixon – Winner of the 2017 UK English Springer Spaniel Championship.

With thanks to all organising clubs, landowners and judges who enable the trials to take place.