Drumlanrig Castle boasts Santa’s most challenging chimney

22nd December, 2013

If there is one chimney that Santa should be careful not to get stuck in, it’s Drumlanrig Castle’s huge outdoor stack.

Father Christmas will be facing his toughest trial to date if he attempts to negotiate the 17th Century Castle’s 600 metre chimney.

Nestled in woodland on the Castle grounds, the enchanting chimney was built to carry smoke far from the eyeline of the Castle’s aristocratic residents.

A feat of architecture, the flue runs underground and is more than 600 metres in length, with the chimney itself reaching a lofty 20 metres in height.

Without it, smoke would have collected in the valley bottom on a calm day, spoiling the view from the Castle for the Buccleuch family in residence.

Long gone are the days when the historic structure was used to funnel smoke from the glasshouse fires of Low Gardens, once the kitchen gardens for the Castle.

Today, the magnificent silhouette can be clearly seen and admired by visitors to the Estate, covered by just a smattering of bare autumn branches within woodlands at Starn Loch.

Jo Jones, Events Manager at Drumlanrig Castle, said: “Having a chimney stack in the woods is a considerable talking point amongst visitors.

“The chimney can be seen clearly during our Land Rover tours as the vehicles pass right by it and it attracts a lot of interest.

“As well as being a big challenge for Santa, I’m sure the size of the flue would have made it a real task for the chimney sweeps of the day.”