Halford’s Beginners Guide To Mountain Biking

25th April, 2018

Drumlanrig Castle, and more precisely it’s stunning mountain biking trails, have recently been featured in Halford’s Beginners Guide To Mountain Biking. The guide, aimed at biking beginners, runs through all you need to know to get into the sport including how to pick a mountain bike, basic skills, MTB acronyms (see what we did there), gear lists, trail grading and more.

The comprehensive guide also features a section on fantastic trails around the UK that are ideal for novice mountain bikers, which includes Drumlanrig Castle and its beautiful routes. Offering up no fewer than four green grade trails that are great fun for families, it’s the perfect place for newbies to hone their skills and then aim to tackle the blue graded trail Copy Cat or challenge the Old School red route.

If you’re looking to get into mountain biking, you’ll need to know your Drop-Offs from your Roll Ups and your Shreds from your Flows. Head on over to the Halford’s Beginners Guide To Mountain Biking to get the know-how and then tear it up on our mountain biking trails for an exhilarating outdoor adventure!

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