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Buccleuch Breeding Females

Thank you to all who made contact regarding the litter out of Buccleuch Calypso sired by IGL Winner Turpingreen Bohol. These pups have now been spoken for.

When we again have pups available it will be shown here.


Cocker Spaniel

Buccleuch ILana, “Cracker”

Sired by FTCh Rowston Spikey Aderyngi out of Buccleuch Brunello, Field Trial Winner Buccleuch ILana, “Cracker” has a lovely temperament and personality and is a joy to take into the shooting field and to compete with. You always get 100% from Cracker whether training or competing and she always puts a smile on your face with her “Cocker” antics.

Please click the link to view a copy of her pedigree: Pedigree Buccleuch ILana

Cocker Spaniel

Wolferton Dawn Of Buccleuch, “Patience”.

Patience, is sired by FTCh Endowood Cork out of FTCh Mallowdale Diamond. It is all in the name, blink and she is off, not for the faint hearted. Super intelligent and I don’t know where she gets her energy from but she puts a smile on my face by the way she approaches life. Patience has tested clear for: prcdPRA, FN and AMS

Please click the link to view a copy of her pedigree: Pedigree Patience

Buccleuch Stud Dogs

Chapel Farm Kennels, home of Buccleuch Gundogs, is fortunate to have some very high quality dogs standing at stud. All stud dogs feature many Champions in their pedigrees which can be viewed below. Stud Fee for all dogs is £600.

To ensure that your bitch is ready for mating and to give the best chance of success we would ask that she undergoes ovulation testing. We recommend contacting the company “Mate Now”, who will provide a kit for blood sample collections at your vet.                Mate Now Tel – 07990 547480          email- Visit their website,  for information on progesterone testing including an informative short video on the home page indicating the benefits it brings.

  1. Prior to your bitch coming into season contact “Mate Now” to have an ovulation kit delivered.
  2. In our experience we would normally get bloods taken by your vet on day 9 after she had started bleeding. You will need to book a slot with your Vet to allow blood to be taken.
  3. Please let us know when your female comes into season to allow the kennels to be given an indication of a mating date, depending of course on test results.
  4. The Mate Now kit you receive will fully explain the procedures you will need to follow to give yourself the best chance of having a successful litter.
  5. Be careful of when you post the sample to Mate Now, this should be before 12.00 to make sure of next day delivery. Be cautious over weekends.
  6. Mate Now will then make contact with your results and let you know whether you will need to re-test or which day is the best day to have your female mated.
  7. Once you have the suggested date for mating please contact us again to discuss date and time to arrive at the kennels.
  8. Carrying out this process gives the best chance of your female having pups following an easier mating process.

By following the above procedures you will;

  • Maximise the potential for a successful outcome.
  • Reduce the chance of a wasted journey if bitch not ready.
  • Remove the need for a double or repeat mating, freeing up valuable time for all.
  • Alleviate stress for both dogs and owners.


Buccleuch Dawson, “Danny”,(Buccleuch Xara x Ferbury Lancelot of Smithsteads) is the newest member of the Buccleuch Stud Dog Team. Danny is a very talented dog and learned a lot of his basic training at an early age.  He loves going out training and is always up for a challenge in any weather and he gets on well working in the undulating terrain in the south west of Scotland

Cocker Spaniel


OFTW Ozzie, sired by FTCh Cheweky Bovril x FTCh Heolybwlch Best Mate is a pleasure to train. He shows pace in all types of cover and is a real team player. He is willing to give everything a go and exhibits the same traits that are found in his parents. Ozzie entered his first trial, an Open Cocker Stake, on the 4th October 2019 and was awarded an excellent third place. His third trial was The Open Cocker Stake by the Scottish Gundog Association on the 26th of October where Ozzie was awarded first place.  Ozzie has tested clear for: AMS, FN and prcd-PRA



Leo, sired by FTCh Buccleuch Pepper out of FTCh Buccleuch Honey is a very stylish English springer spaniel. He shows this through his body language where you can see just how much he enjoys working. He is a good game finder and shows the same good temperament and traits as his sire. This makes working with him very easy as he has shown a great deal of natural ability during his training. Leo has tested clear for: cord1-PRA, AMS, FUCO, FN, SPS and PFKD.



OFTW Ash is our golden cocker spaniel. He has big boots to fill as his mother FTCh Mallowdale Midge was the winner of the 2014/15 Irish AV Spaniel Championships at Glenarm Estate where she was mostly competing against English Springer Spaniels. Ash is a real character; nothing seems to be a problem to him. He has been a real pleasure to train, very intelligent and all he wants to do is please. He has the right attitude for training in that when he gets things wrong he is desperate for another chance to get it right. He loves hunting all types of cover and is naturally athletic. Ash competed in his first ever trial on the 9th July 2016, a Novice Cocker Trial held by Tyne, Tees & Tweed FTA where he was awarded first place. We are delighted to say that he then followed this with a win on the 9th of August in the Open Cocker Stake held by Yorkshire Sporting Spaniel Club.Ash has been tested clear for: prcd-PRA and FN.



FTAW Finn carries the same genetics as his grandmother FTCh Buccleuch Athena “Bramble” (2nd and 4th in the Cocker Championships) and one can see the same characteristics in him. He has the type of temperament and personality I love to train and spend time with. Full of energy and always wanting to learn new things. He is a team player and never wants to be far away from you when he is out running with the rest of the dogs. The type of dog that when he is trained he stays trained.

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