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Complete Springer Spaniel Training Series

A series of 4 DVDs covering all aspects of how to stimulate your puppy’s natural instincts and get a youngster to work with you.  Featuring and presented by David Lisett winner of the 2004, 2005, 2007 & 2010 English Springer Spaniel Championship and 2003, 2005 & 2007 Irish Spaniel Championship.   David gives you lots of useful tips whilst showing you some early training exercises going right for the handler.

David also shows you some exercises going wrong and more importantly how you can correct their mistakes and stop training problems from developing.

Individual titles available at £29.95 each+ P&P. Also available as a Boxed Set containing all 4 discs at only £99.95 + P&P. We ship worldwide. NTSC versions are available.

To purchase any of the titles call 01848 600 402 or buy online

Springer Spaniel Training DVDs

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Film 1

Film Overview - Film 1

Birth to 8 Months

  • Early lessons with a litter
  • Selecting a puppy
  • Training equipment
  • Early retrieves
  • Early retrieves in different places
  • Introduction to different environments
  • Getting a puppy to hunt
  • Getting a puppy to mark
  • Marking over an obstacle
  • Getting a puppy to use its natural ability
  • Puppy taking lines
  • Exercising/hunting in a pack
  • Steadiness to dummies
  • Sit and stay
Film 2 Cover

Film Overview - Film 2

8 to 13 Months

  • What standard has your dog reached
  • Basic directional work
  • Basic blind/memory retrieves
  • Left/right (a step further)
  • Go back
  • Blind memory retrieves
  • Problem retrieving
  • Left/right and blind retrieves
  • Taking lines (the next step)
  • Introduction to fences
  • Introduction to fur and feather
  • Problem retrieves fur and feather
Film 3

Film Overview - Film 3

13 to 20 Months

  • The rabbit pen
  • Jumping fences (the next step)
  • Introduction to gunshot
  • Introduction to water
  • Go back memory work over an obstacle
  • Problem crossing water
  • Giving confidence over fences
  • Hunting cover for tennis balls
  • Crossing running water
  • Advanced retrieving with dummies
  • Flushing rabbits in a controlled environment
  • Memory retrieves in a rabbit pen
  • Left, right, blinds using a barrier
  • What stage have we reached
  • Whistle work
  • Steadiness
  • Hunting/quartering
  • Dropping to shot
Gundog film

Film Overview - Film 4

The Final Stages

  • Assess your dog’s standard
  • Advanced water work
  • Advanced retrieves
  • Taking lines (rabbits)
  • Taking lines (down a bank)
  • Advanced blind retrieves
  • Drop to shot and whistle in cover
  • Hunting different types of cover
  • Final test in rabbit pen
  • Starting to shoot over your dog
  • Shooting rabbits over wall with memory retrieves
  • Dogging in
  • Pheasant shooting over your dog
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