Queensberry Estate

Think of the magnificent countryside that makes up the Queensberry Estate as your very own natural adventure playground. Whether your idea of excitement is fishing, walking or wildlife appreciation, you’ll find the unspoiled countryside in the heart of rural Dumfriesshire the perfect setting for your adventure.

Fantastic natural resources and careful land management have combined to present you with a landscape that’s as rich in flora as it is diverse in fauna. The crystal clear waters on the Lowther Hills cascade down into the River Nith to give you unrivalled opportunities for salmon and sea trout fishing. Polish your binoculars and prepare to get up close and personal with a huge variety of wild animals and birds.

This incredible natural habitat is the reason the estate enjoys such an excellent reputation for the quality of its country and field sports including simulated game.

Castle amongst the trees


The rolling forests that provide the scenic backdrop you’ll see when you visit Drumlanrig Castle might look entirely natural, but they are in fact carefully managed for sustainability and biodiversity. The Buccleuch family has many generations of experience in tending their forests at Queensberry, Borders Estate and Boughton Estate.



The rolling farmland you see on the Queensberry Estate is as fertile as it is beautiful. The rich soil has supported generations of farming families, and will support countless more, thanks to careful land management and a commitment to conservation.

Environment at the heart of agriculture

The farms on the Queensberry Estate are not only home to hill and lowland sheep flocks, herds of cattle and red deer, they also host a number of Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI). The protection of these existing ecosystems and Buccleuch’s environmental commitment are a core element of the land use decision making on Queensberry Estate and across the wider business.


Property and Land

Whether you are looking to set down routes in stunning Dumfries and Galloway, start a small business or escape for a relaxing break – there are a variety of properties available on Queensberry Estate

wind turbines


Within each of the Buccleuch rural estates, we are investigating the development of various energy opportunities in a manner that is sensitive to the long term sustainability objectives of the Buccleuch family.

restored summerhouse

Preserving our Heritage

One of the main attractions of Drumlanrig Castle is its unspoilt natural beauty. And it takes a lot of careful work and considerable planning to ensure that future generations can enjoy the Estate in exactly the same way that past generations did. Which is why the woodlands that surround Drumlanrig are managed in a sustainable way with continual regeneration, helping to offset Drumlanrig’s carbon footprint.

In 2010, we were thrilled to be awarded a Green Tourism Silver Award in recognition of the contribution we have made in creating a greener environment.  This represents the culmination of our huge commitment to ‘green’ issues both at the Castle itself and on the wider Estate.

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