Supporting farmers for generations 

The rolling farmland you see on the Queensberry Estate is as fertile as it is beautiful. The rich soil has supported generations of farming families, and will support countless more, thanks to careful land management and a commitment to conservation.

The farmland sits astride the River Nith where the land rises from 50m to 800 m with soils ranging from alluvial loams to heavy clays.  This allows for three main enterprises:  beef, hill and lowland sheep and arable.

Approximately 400 hectares of the better quality arable land is used for growing cereals, the main crops being barley, wheat, oilseed rape and spring beans.  The barley grain is a high quality home-grown feed used to grow and finish the beef animals.  A proportion of the wheat crop is clamped and can be used as a feed being mixed with grass silage, barley or beans.  The barley straw is used as a feed for cattle or sheep with the poorer quality straw being used as bedding.

If you’d like to know more about tenant or in-hand farming you can contact us online or call 01848 600283.