Magnificent woodland for everyone to enjoy

The rolling forests that provide the scenic backdrop you’ll see when you visit Drumlanrig Castle might look entirely natural, but they are in fact carefully managed for sustainability and biodiversity. The Buccleuch family has many generations of experience in tending their forests and our team of foresters currently manage over 10,000 hectares (ha) of woodland. That’s around 15,000 football pitches.

Our woodlands around Drumlanrig extend to around 3000ha. They are very diverse and include a number of sites of special scientific interest. You’ll see Douglas Firs over 50m, a Giant Redwood grove at Gilmawhallen and mature Noble firs on Castle Hill. These magnificent trees and the younger forests also provide you with the perfect opportunity to spot wildlife including our native red squirrel.

The managed woodland also provides a wealth of sustainable timber including:

  • Hardwood (all grades)
  • Hardwood firewood (seasoned or cut to order)
  • Spruce & larch for the common building/fencing/pallet grades
  • Premium quality Douglas fir, Larch and Scots pine
  • Woodchips for renewable energy production

Unfortunately many Larch trees across the UK are succumbing to a very aggressive disease called Phytophora Ramorum, and we remain vigilant for signs of the disease across the estate.  For more information on the impact this is having on our woodlands please read our news article.

Working with our Forestry team

If you’re looking for advice and practical help on any aspect of woodland management the Woodlands team will be happy to help. Please call Kyle Hennen, Woodlands Manager, on 01848 600283 or Contact Us.